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Lil Wayne starts Skate Clothing Company Trukfit

Posted By on January 9, 2012

Lil Wayne's love for skateboarding is no secret. As last year he had a few hospital visits thanks to his skating skills. However he has recently announced his launch of his own clothing line geared toward the skate culture.

"I do want to say that some things passed this weekend like the Agenda party was this weekend, my line got viewed there," Wayne said in reference to the clothing-based Agenda Trade Show. "[It's] my new line, Trukfit, in case you don't know about Trukfit. Look it up. T-r-u-k-f-i-t. That's my new clothing line. Trukfit, Truk the world. You'll hear about it because it'll be the best clothing line ever in the whole entire [world]." (Weezy's Sports Corner)

Lil Wayne Trukfit