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Lil Wayne Cuts his Dreads Off (Pictures)

Posted By on February 2, 2013

Many fans thought that Lil Wayne cut off his long dreads that he has been growing out for years. The rumor started when photos of Lil Wayne and Big Boi were posted through Instagram. In a report on bet.com, Lil Wayne fans were shocked that Tunechi cut off his signature dreads, a rumor fueled by a photo of Big Boi with Wayne at Thursday night’s Madden Bowl XIX event. Contrary to popular belief, his dreads are still intact.

MTV reports that the photos looked like Wayne had cut off his locks. MTV News contributor Kelly Carter watched Tunechi perform at a pre-Super Bowl party in New Orleans and posed for a picture with the A Milli MC- she said Lil Wayne’s locks are still intact. “I’m pretty sure he still had his dreads and they were pulled back in a ponytail. In fact, I’m like 1,000 percent positive. I would’ve noticed that.”

Carter also sent photos to MTV that she snapped to prove that there was no hair-cut.