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Lil Wayne DOES NOT Cut His Dreads Off Confirmed

Posted By on February 3, 2013

You know that you have made an indelible impression on your industry when news that you have cut your hair stirs the entire industry into a frenzy. This is the case with Young Money CEO, Lil Wayne, who was rumored to have cut his dreadlocks earlier this week. A firestorm of reports hit the airwaves discussing the topic. Many thought it to be a refreshing move, but many seemed almost devastated by the thought of the long locks of the Golden Kid no longer being intact.

Well, it seems that everyone can rest a little easier as a report has been released that refutes the previous reports that Lil Wayne cut his dreadlocks. According to Young Money President, Mack Maine, Lil Wayne’s iconic dreadlocks are still intact.

“Let’s end the speculation….Lil bro didn’t cut his hair…but he is rocking that Saints Super Bowl ring!! #longhairdontcare,” he tweeted February 1st. (Mack Maine’s Twitter)

Kelley L. Carter, an MTV News Contributor, who watched the “Hot Boy” perform at a Super Bowl Party and posed for a picture with him afterward, says that the rappers dreads were still intact. “I’m pretty sure he still had his dreads and they were pulled back in a ponytail,” she told us Friday (February 1). “In fact, I’m like 1,000 percent positive. I would’ve noticed that.”

Well, it looks like everyone can refocus on whether or not Ray Lewis knowingly used performance enhancing drugs during the recovery from his triceps injury, although the story of Lil Wayne cutting his hair seems to be more intriguing




  • He did NOT CUT THEM OFF; THEY FELL OUT. He has TRACTION ALOPECIA from keeping them twisted so tight and fresh for all those years. He has to let his hair grow in for a little WITHOUT twisting it so they are full and strong when the hair grows back and the cuticle/root of the hair has time to recover. If you continue to twist dreads with traction alopecia, it can cause permanent hair loss. This is the same reason the old dreads on the top of his head fell out. They were brittle from being twisted too tight for too long and his stylist, apparently, didn’t keep them moisturized enough to keep them healthy. -YMCMB/RHYMES AND REASON @ ourstage.com…shoutout aol music. -Lord Byron

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