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Lil Wayne Gets Kanye to Create Album Cover For Not a Human Being 2

Posted By on February 3, 2013

Lil Wayne has revealed that he had Kanye West create the “I am not a human being II” album cover art. The artwork is a red insect which looks like a butterfly and appears against a black backdrop. The artwork was designed by DONDA, a creative content company founded by Kanye West. Kanye had approached Lil Wayne about the album cover, “You know man, let me do you a favor. I saw the cover and I approved it.” The meaning behind the artwork was explained, he said the moth butterfly concept was chosen because it has so many different stages of life, and it goes through so many forms and changes, and no one can figure it out. At a time it’s ugly and at a time it’s beautiful too. And that’s me.” (Sohh.com).

NOLA reports that Lil Wayne also discussed his upcoming album, “I have a lot of guests on the album. That’s what’s unusual about the album. I’m usually a two or three feature-type guy. But this album, I have a lot of features because I have a lot of friends, and a lot of people that wanted to help out.”

According to MTV, Lil Wayne’s album is due on March 26th.