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Lil Wayne Gets Into Altercation With Camera Man

Posted By on February 4, 2013

If you have ever had the opportunity to participate in the Super Bowl festivities, you know that there is no other week like Super Bowl week. From Media Day to All-Star parties. With these events there is never a shortage of drama. There are disagreements between celebrities that can become quite the event, in and of itself.

This Super Bowl Week was no different. There was the incident in which a San Francisco defensive back put his foot in his mouth when he said that gays were not allowed on his team, subsequently, he was forced to backtrack on his statement. Then there was the media frenzy going on around All-Pro, Ray Lewis, his pending retirement and the possible use of performance enhancing drugs.

It seems that Lil Wayne could not escape the drama vortex in his home town of New Orleans. During the Celebrity Beach Bowl Event, it seems that a camera man allegedly touched Lil Wayne in a way that he felt was out of line. Wayne said that the camera man touched him and he doesn’t like being touch unless he gives that person permission. He then said that he was going to leave the building because if he retaliated he would go to jail; referencing the fact that the camera man was white and he was black.

He left the building visibly upset and yelled an expletive on the way out as a parting gesture. At this point there has not been a response from the camera man involved or his representative.