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Wayne Says Goodbye To Fans (Video Here)

Posted By on February 9, 2010

     Lil Wayne said goodbye to his fans last night, as the Grammy-Award-Winning rapper prepares to begin his one-year sentence today in prison. Speaking through a UStream video, Weezy thanked his followers for their support. "I'm out this b*tch," he said. "To all my fans, my real fans, I really, really, really truly love you. I love you with all of me, for real. I'll probably be loving everything else because I love you so much. Thank you from the bottom [of my heart]. Do not forget about me 'cause I will forever think about you, and I cannot wait for you to see me again. I'm out."

     Previously people talked about how Lil Wayne will do in jail. "Lil Wayne is gonna be OK," retired NYPD detective and noted
"hip-hop cop" Derrick Parker told MTV News. "While he's in jail, it's a
matter of fact they may not put him with the general population because
of who he is and his popularity. They might lock him down and let him
come out with a supervisor and stuff like that [when he's] in the main
area — but he's definitely going to be treated differently."

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