Lil Wayne Shoots Over 10 Music Videos

Lil Wayne Shoots Over 10 Music Videos

     Lil Wayne recently sat down to speak about his time leading up to his recent sentencing hearing (which was delayed) in which he shot tons of music videos in anticipation of going to jail for one-year. Talking with UK radio personality Tim Westwood, Weezy said it came down to just simply setting goals. "Ah man, determination," Wayne explained in an interview last weekend. "You set a goal, I'm actually one of those types of people that don't stop until the goal is done. I set that goal and have to finish it."

     Weezy goes on to talk about how many videos he has shot. "I did five today, I think I did something yesterday. Tomorrow, I think I got a few tomorrow. And I shot a few in Atlanta, I shot one in Dallas. I shot some in LA, I shot like four in LA."

Lil Wayne – Interview With Tim Westwood


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