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Funkmaster Flex Talks Past Issues With Lil Wayne

Posted By on February 14, 2011

     New Yorks Hot 97 radio station DJ Funkmaster Flex recently spoke about his previous issues with Lil Wayne and his current thoughts about the Grammy-Award winning rapper. According to Funikmaster Flex, it took a while before he was ready to recognize Weezy as a serious rapper.

"I remember Wayne when he was a kid, through [Cash Money Records co-founders] Baby and Slim," Flex said in an interview. "I enjoyed talking to him. I do think there was a point where me and him may have lost our way. I think because I was always friends with Baby and Slim so I always kind of treated him like the little guy…What I do like about him, yes it's how talented he is, I think though, as he started becoming so big, there was something I started feeling a little sorry for him [about]. And not him per se, I think me as a music fan and people as music fans put too much pressure on him to make us feel good and give us that music. But, nobody said that this guy has to carry hip-hop on his back. We're making him. But I like him." (Future iMag)

Funkmaster Flex – Talks Past Problems With Lil Wayne