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Lil Wayne Issues Statement About 8th Grade Teacher Using “6 foot 7 Foot” Lyrics In Homework Assignment

Posted By on February 14, 2014

A few weeks ago news broke about an 8th grade teacher in South Florida who was under heat for using Lil Wayne lyrics in her student’s homework assignment. Weezy addressed the situation while on ESPN First Take.  Surprisingly, Wayne thinks it was not a good idea to use his lyrics as a learning tool.

“I’d never be embarrassed by anything I say because I say it and I mean it,” Lil Wayne said. “But I don’t think that kids—I mean, I don’t think that you should be trying to teach it any way to kids because I don’t record it and say it for kids to listen to it, but they will hear it. But it’s a difference between hearing and listening. You know? So, not that it’s okay for them to hear it, but if they hear it then so be it. They hear it. But when you trying to teach them to listen to it that’s a difference and I don’t try to teach them that. I just—I do what I do. And I don’t think that would be right for you to try and teach kids what I’m saying.”

To read up on the controversy surrounding the 8th grade teacher, click HERE.


Check out Lil Wayne on “First Take” below: