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Lil Wayne Beefs with NBA and Miami Heat; Claims To Be The “New Pac”

Posted By on February 19, 2013

Over the NBA All-Star Weekend, Lil Wayne went on a rant of the ages. He has taken his issues with the NBA and the Miami Heat to another lever. Last week, Wayne was allegedly kicked out of a Miami game; he claims it was because he was cheering for the Los Angeles Lakers.

During this past weekend’s All-Star festivities Wayne decided to go on a rant in which it spurred the crowed into chanting negative sentiments against the NBA and the Miami Heat. “The Miami Heat told them to ban me,” he said. “When I say ‘Fuck,’ you say ‘NBA.’ When I say ‘Fuck,’ you say ‘Miami Heat.”

Wayne also made an extremely bold claim to be the new 2Pac. “I ain’t Tupac, I’m the new ‘Pac. Holla at ya boy,” he said.

The Young Money CEO didn’t end his tirade there, He went on to project verbal assaults towards LeBron James, Dewayne Wade, and Chris Bosh. He also claimed to have had an affair with Chris Bosh’s Wife.

“Fuck all them niggas. Fuck LeBron James, Fuck [Dwyane] Wayde. Fuck Chris Bosh, all them niggas. And, and, and, and I fucked Chris Bosh’s wife.”

Lil Wayne, who is known to frequent NBA basketball games, later hit the Twitter airwaves and claimed his transcendence in relation to “Pac”. Tweeting: “I ain’t 2Pac, I’m the new Pac, holla at ya boy!”

Some my speculate that all of this a publicity related, being that Wayne is currently preparing for the release of his latest project, “I Am Not A Human Being”.