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Lil Wayne Releases Weekly Vlog Series To Promote ‘Tha Carter V’

Posted By on February 20, 2014

There has been rumors going around about Lil Wayne releasing a new album and Weezy has officially confirmed the release of “Tha Carter V” solo album. The New Orleans native decided to release a personal Vlog series to promote the album.

According to the Young Money head, the “Weezy Wednesdays” Vlog series will give people weekly insight into his life and daily activities.

The first episode, “Lil Wayne’s Krib,” dropped tonight, and all of the above questions are addressed. Lil Wayne gives viewers a tour of his house in New Orleans, a la MTV Cribs, except more focused on the mundane details. Among the things we learn: *Lil Wayne uses a Keurig coffee maker and likes his coffee with three spoonfuls of sugar. “So basically I don’t have sugar in my coffee,” he explains. “I have coffee with my sugar.” *What a vlog is and that it might be boring (this is reiterated several times). *That Lil Wayne slept alone the night before he made this, and he did not make his bed. (Complex)

Young Money member Drake broke the news about Lil Wayne releaseing a new album earlier this month.

Tha Carter V is coming sooner than you think. During the kickoff to NBA All-Star Weekend, Drake revealed the release date for Lil Wayne’s highly-anticipated album. The Toronto MC shared the stage with the Young Money chief at the Sprite NBA All-Star party at the House of Blues in New Orleans on Friday night, where he made the big announcement. “If you want to hear Lil Wayne at his best, if you wanna hear Young Money at they best… Carter V, May 5,” said Drizzy. “Just know we about this sh*t for real.” (Rap-Up)

Check out the first episode of the weekly vlog called “Lil Wayne’s Krib” below: