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Wayne Shares Last Minutes With Fans

Posted By on March 1, 2010

     With only a few days left before he heads to jail for a year, Lil Wayne is sharing the time he has left with his fans. "Three days, y'all — let's party!" Weezy said on Saturday (February 27). In a new clip, shot at Wayne's guest house at his Miami home, Weezy says "This is for my real fans," Wayne said. "People who wanna know what I be doin'. I'mma let y'all in."

     When it comes to twitter, Lil Wayne recently signed up using the name "liltunechi" and now he is explaining why he picked that nickname. "My nickname is Lil Tune — my grandmother named me that," he explained.
"She's passed. My grandmother, her name was Mercedes Carter. She named
me Lil Tune. We just threw the 'Chi' on there. Like Gucci, I say
'Tunechi!'" Wayne has a goal with twitter, "I got almost 200,000 followers. I
need more followers. I saw Drake had like 400,000 followers. I need
more followers than Drake."

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