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Lil Wayne Shoots 7 Videos In One Night

Posted By on March 1, 2010

     "Right now Im on a video set , Im shot seven videos tonight. "I just shot "Runnin" from the "Rebirth" album.." Weezy continued "I shot 10 in 2 days before, but now Im about to do 7 in one night." Wayne says the next video hes working on is for his Young Money star. "Next is Drake." Wayne goes on to talk about needing more MTV awards as he has a "house full of BET Awards already."
      Shot on Sunday (February 28th), giving him only a few more days of freedom, Lil Wayne promotes his twitter account, showing a t-shirt with his username "these are the new shirts you should be dying to get, the hottest nigga on twitter right now."

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