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Lil Wayne Says Drake & Nicki Are Better Performers

Posted By on March 3, 2011

     With Lil Wayne's upcoming "I Am Music" II tour starting soon, buzz is starting to grow. Joinging Wayne at everyshow he new Young Money star, Drake, Also stopping by for a few shows are fellow Young Money star Nicki Minaj and Wayne is excited aboit it.

"Nicki and Wayne? Given who she is now," Wayne proudly told MTV News, "and Drake might catch a few shows, but you know, he got his overseas thing popping right now. I told him to take advantage of that, because we all want to come over there someday and be bigger than we are here." {MTV}

     With the new tour the first major shows hes done since getting of of prison, Wayne spoke about Drake being his rock during his time behind bars..

"I knew he was something bigger than something I had envisioned for my company when I ran into this kid," Wayne explained. "I was thinking I'm going to put my people on and we're going to be all right, but then when I ran into this kid, I was like, this a superstar, he's got a chance to make my company something for real, something to be thought of, to be remembered." {MTV)

Lil Wayne – Talks Drake & Nick Mianj On I Am Music II Tour