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Lil Wayne Names The Best Rapper Alive And Speaks On His Retirement

Posted By on March 17, 2014

Lil Wayne Names The Best Rapper Alive And Speaks On His Retirement

Young Money head Lil Wayne recently spoke on who he thinks is the best rapper alive is and in his opinion one of his fellow Young Money crew members should get that title. Weezy also spoke on his retirement and how he wants to be remembered during the interview.

Although Weezy respects Drake and what he has done, Nicki Minaj is the best hip-hop artist alive in Waynes opinion.

 “Of Kendrick Lamar, he said, “Ain’t nobody touch that dude.” And he praised the artists on his own Young Money label. He called Drake “a wonderful person” and said Nicki Minaj is not just the best female rapper out there, but the best rapper. “I am not going to be jumping out here talking about, ‘I’m the best,'” Wayne said.” (AP)

Wayne also spoke on his retirement and how he wants to be remembered as in the music industry.

 Asked about his legacy as he nears his self-imposed retirement age of 33, he said he used to want to be remembered in the same way The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur and Jay Z are thought of. Now, he’d prefer folks think of him as a beloved figure. “I would just say I’d like to be remembered as a good spirit, a good soul, like a Willie Nelson … like a Snoop Dogg,” Wayne said. (AP)

  • Nicki_fan_4_life

    Yes! That is a high compliment indeed that Wayne considers Nicki the best rapper. Drake is pretty phenomenal as well, but Nicki seems to be on another level with her catchy flow IMHO. It is awesome how Nicki once gave a speech saying that Wayne was the best rapper alive. He now returns the compliment!!

    • FaroahGamo

      If you think nicki minaj is the best artist or even bettter than drake you are a sick individual indeed

      • Nicki_fan_4_life

        Why, because Nicki is a female? Calling anyone sick because they like an artist is ridiculous. She is the most featured rapper for a reason: she has a very unique flow and a rapid delivery.

  • BINKY04

    The best rapper alive bcuz if u throw in a couple of dead guys he is not the bes

  • joe

    shut up hurry up and retire and kill yourself, psh nicki the best my ass. He not even good he does not have top sales how is he the best rapper alive

  • ursocalledgod

    LMFAO i used to have mad love for weezy till the last 4-5 years till he got on some whole other shit. niki minaj tho??!! if your a TRUE fan of hip hop or just good rap music this annoying ass broad shouldnt be considered in your top 25! real spill. i wanted to throw shade at wayne for saying this thinking he cant be that delusional then i remembered she is signed to his label so it makes since. im not even close to being a drake fan but niki aint even CLOSE to his level lyrically.

  • Umer Farooq

    “i use to wanna rap like jay z now i feel i can run laps around jay z”
    these artists are a joke

  • Chynah

    Drake is the best rapper alive… sometime Nicki sound like my booty

  • Christina Snatchko

    Even though lots of you might not even think Wayne is the greatest, well I believe he is in the top absolute best rappers group. Lil’ Wayne (before this gay rapper ish’!), Jay Z, T.I., Lil’ Kim (when she first came out), Notorious B.I.G. & 2-Pac!

  • OldSchoolHiphop

    haaaahahahahhahah what the fuck this gay say?
    he never was best rapper and never will be. Nicki minaj best rapper ? hahahahaha
    my deaf grandma can’t listen to that bitch.
    Here r the best rapperz:
    1.My man 2pac
    2.Notorius B.I.G. fo’ sure
    Shut up u weezy cunt!

  • jurz

    drake and his weird alien head is not a rapper in the least, nor is anyone that writes a song called lollipop regardless of its meaning… hip hop died a long time ago… all this nonsense is hipPOP…

  • jurz

    all these dudes are stars for one reason, idiotic 13 year old kids and their iphones… no adult (that has the mind of anyone older then 13) considers any of these sorry excuses for “artists” any higher on the lyrical genius scale than barneys ‘i love you , you love me, we’re a happy family” these people are a joke and it saddens me how smart phones and latch key kids have decided what plays and what doesnt… i guess they relate to people on the same mental level cause all the people listed here make you stupider everytime you hear their “skillz”… pathetic is the only word that can thoroughly describe todays “rappers”

  • mykelvi

    whether you hate him or love for a long period of time, he was the best, he said and meant it. Back in maybe 05 06 who could fuck with Weezy? i mean he got the numbers to prove it but not only that he was the most important person in rap culture.

  • Omar

    Eminen is the best rapper alive