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Lil Wayne Still Is The Greatest Rapper Alive

Posted By on March 18, 2009

    Lil Wayne recently talked about his famous "Greatest Rapper Alive," admitting it came from Jay-Z. "Today there's a lot of entertainers that don't know about the grind," Wayne says. [watch here] "I didn't get no flack from [saying 'Best Rapper Alive'], of course from the haters, I mean from the man, Jay, he propped me up when he see. He gave me a lot of confidence to put a new song out called 'Greatest Rapper Alive' on my album and motivation was already there. And I felt I had to do whatever I had to do talent-wise to make it what it was." [watch here]

    In related news, Lil Wayne is currently at MTV's Spring Break special and he took the time in a new interview to introduce the members of his Young Money crew. [watch here] During the same interview, Lil Wayne avoided all questions about 50 Cent. When MTV asked Lil Wayne to clear up the situation, Wayne replied with jokes. "You said it never rains in Southern California? Wow. That's why I didn't see people with umbrellas." [watch here] Turning to fellow Young Money artist Jae Millz with a smile, Wayne continued "No rain jackets or boots. Wow. That's crazy. Young Moooolaaah, baaaby!" [watch here]

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