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DJ Khaled Says Lil Wayne’s Recent Beef With Miami Was A Misunderstanding

Posted By on March 19, 2013

Recently Lil Wayne found himself in the hot seat as he drew the ire of Miami Heat fans and Miami residents in general. It all started when Wayne claimed that he was ejected from a Heat game for cheering for the Lakers, an accusation that the Heat adamantly disputes. Ultimately, it was exacerbated by the rapper saying some rather derogatory things about the Heat and directly insulting several of its players.

A lot of Miami residents, including Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell, Trick Daddy, and Pitbull took exception to the rants of the rapper. There was a great backlash from those comments which caused Wayne to issue an apology.

Recently, Miami native, DJ Khaled said that he believed that the entire thing was a misunderstanding. He believes that Wayne’s sentiments, which were directed at the Heat, were taken as an insult on the entire city of Miami. He said that he never felt slighted by the statements that the Young Money Chief made.

“Miami is my city. I rep Miami and I feel like the Miami Heat is my team,” explained Khaled to MTV’s “RapFix Live.” “I felt like Wayne went on the radio and showed love to the city and bigged up the city and its love,”

According to Khaled, the entire thing was a simple miscommunication between Wayne and the City of Miami and that it got away from everyone.

“I’ve learned in this game there’s a lot of misunderstandings, miscommunications, so it’s about love, man, and I know it’s love. And that’s all I know, so if you gonna ask me, it’s love.”

Khaled went on to say that it probably better for Wayne to keep his sport passions a bit more under wrap.

“When you’re passionate about your sports, you can’t really let it be known because if you know how much I really like the Jets, you might not be my friend anymore,” he joked. “When it got back to Miami, it turned into, he just said ‘eff Miami.’ It had nothin’ to do with the sports teams no more. When that was everything it had to do with; it was sports, and that’s it.”


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