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Lil Wayne Released From Hospital After 6 Days, Predominantly In ICU

Posted By on March 21, 2013

It seems that Lil Wayne cannot catch a break going or coming. Over the past month or so the Young Money Chief has found himself in the center of a firestorm of his own doing. After insulting the Miami Heat and several of Its star players, Wayne found himself dead in the crosshairs of several Miami personalities and the citizens of Miami in General. Wayne was eventually forced to issue an apology.

As terrible as the Miami ordeal was for Wayne, what he faced this past week has been monumental to say the least. According to reports from TMZ, the lyrical word-smith apparently found himself fight for his life in an ICU bed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in West Hollywood.

According to the reports, Wayne spent a total of 6 nights hospitalized, with the majority of these nights in the ICU where the medical staff attempted to help him battle a series of what is being described as massive seizures which seem to be induced by a drug overdose. At this particular time there is no indication of what drug or drugs were in his system.

According to sources close to the rapper’s camp, Wayne is still feeling quite weak, but he is recovering and is definitely feeling better than he was.