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Lil Wayne Puts Dating Rumors To Bed (Video)

Posted By on April 14, 2011

     Grammy Award-winning rapper Lil Wayne recently came forward to cut apart all the gossip claims that he has found a new lover in an older woman, who has been spotted with him on numerous occasions. Calling all the rumors, stories and gossip simply "rediculous," Weezy said that the woman in question was actually his stylist.

"Everybody out there owe somebody a real big apology. This Marissa right here, this is my stylist," Wayne said in a video. "See, this is the reason I'm flyer than all you n*ggas, you understand? This is my stylist, she's been my stylist for years…There's a rumor out right now saying this is my girl 'cause I had my arm around her. My arm is around her right now, my arm is always around her, this is my dude. This is my homie right here. And all them little things you saying that [she's] a cougar and all that, we not with that over there." (Streets Talk)

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