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Lil Wayne’s Gun Possession Case Re-Opened

Posted By on April 24, 2009

    Lil Wayne's legal problems continue as a New York city judge recently decided to re-open a hearing that concerned a weapon found on Weezy's tour bus after after the judge learned of conversations Lil Wayne had with a police officer. Lil Wayne and his Lawyer both hit court Thursday (4-23) for the gun-possession charge from 2007 but Weezy didn't say a word as his lawyer filed a motion for more discovery time, calling the police officer to testify.

    Lil Wayne's legal team and the state attorney met with the judge in private last week and although the convo details were not revealed, it was decided the hearing of the original witnesses would be re-opened. Justice Charles Soloman ruled in February that the gun could be used as evidence but now that the case is reopend, Weezy will have to face it again on May 20th

    In related news, after years of begging Eminem to do a song with him via interviews and video blogs, Lil Wayne might just get his wish. Eminem told Angela Yee yesterday that he would work with Lil Wayne, and the only reason he hasn't yet is that he just simply has been too busy. [listen here]