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Lil Wayne Appears On The View TV Show

Posted By on April 24, 2009

    This morning (4-24), Lil Wayne appeared on the henfest "The View" television show. [watch here] Sitting down with the ladies, Wayne talked about getting his GED and attending the University of Houston later switching to online classes through the University of Phoenix. [watch here]

    Although they seemed to like Weezy, of course they couldn't get past his diamond grill to which Weezy said with a smile on his face "They are my form of braces." [watch here] The dopey Elisabeth Hasselbeck even asked Wanye about depending on weed and syrup to which he said "I depend on God and motivation. I don't depend on cough syrup and marijuana. I never have." [watch here]

    Wayne was on the show to promote his new album "Rebirth," which he is now not calling a Rock album. Performing his first single "Prom Queen" [watch here], Weezy's camp has confirmed the album has been pushed back to the summer and that the 2nd single from the album is "Hot Revolver" [listen here].

Lil Wayne Charms The Ladies Of The View TV Show