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Lil Wayne Says Rebirth’s More Intense, Release Pushed Again

Posted By on April 27, 2009

    Lil Wayne recently talked about his upcoming album "Rebirth," saying that it will be a lot more intense than his past projects. [watch here] "The fans should expect from the new album, more electricity, more more more power, more everything, more me," Wayne explained. "But different edge of course, it's really different from what they've been used to but, it's still me at the end of the day. The influence of the new album is mainly rock, but again, it's me. So I guess, I guess I'll call it my rock. Yeah." [watch here]

    In related news, things aren't looking to good for Weezy's "Rebirth" or his Young Money group album. First set to drop on April 7th, "Rebirth" was later pushed back to Eminem's release date of May 19th. Now according to a rep at Lil Wayne's label Universal, the new album has been pushed back to June 23rd. Universal also wants to release the Young Money album on the same day but as of now it doesn't have a release date.

Lil Wayne Talks "Rebirth" "Influence of my new album is mainly rock"