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The Soulful Insights Of Lil Waynes Carter 4

Posted By on June 1, 2010

     Producer Street Runner recently talked about work he did for Lil Wayne's upcoming "Carter IV" album, saying he put in some "soulful" work. "I did a really dope joint for the ladies with a soulful sample track that has a feature on the hook," he revealed in an interview. "I don't want to go into to many details about the record cause some internet monster might find it and try to leak it. I got another record that my dude wrote the hook on that almost feels like a Jay-Z "What More Can I Say" type track. I think I got 1 other record that's pending along with those two so I just gotta see what's up. I will say Weezy is spitting that sh*t over my tracks and they are 100% Hip Hop…I heard a few joints… It's definitely what the fans want. He's just rapping and going hard on it. I think I heard maybe one rocked out track but the majority was rap/Hip Hop tracks. It should be another classic."


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