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Lil Wayne Lights It Up From Jail (Video)

Posted By on June 9, 2010

     Lil Wayne recently freestyled over Drake's "Light Up" track, live from Rikers Island prison. Using his Ustream account, Drake revealed the Lil Wayne verse to the world. Recorded during one of his phone calls from jail, Lil Wayne's freestyle featured him talking about his current situation. "Hate is temporary, love is necessary…First off, I don't need you second guessing me," Wayne raps, "Come to my cell, read fan mail/Wish I was in Amsterdam drinking Amstel/Thinking about all of that p*ssy I can't smell — I know you meant well because you know d*mn well that I still got you open, open like a clam shell/Still fly on my hawk sh*t, my conversations stink because I talk sh*t…"

Lil Wayne – Light Up (Freestyle From Jail)



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