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Drake Says YM Is Good Without Lil Wayne

Posted By on June 28, 2010

     Drake recently talked about Lil Wayne being away from his Young Money camp and how him actually being there isn't a necessity. The new Young Money star says Wayne being gone allowed him and other artists like Nicki Minaj to pick up their pace. "His approach with his artists is very trusting, very fearless, and because of that, we have been put out into the world like trying to make people love us for who we are on our own, without Wayne," Drake explained in an interview. "So with Wayne gone, its possible for me and her (Nicki Minaj) to still thrive. I think that's the best approach and I respect Wayne so much, because he urged us to be ourselves maybe in anticipation for the day that he's not here. So we can still be ourselves without him. I don't need Wayne to be Drake. I'm a better Drake when Wayne is here, but I don't need Wayne to be Drake. Nicki doesn't need Wayne to be Nicki. She created Nicki [Minaj]. We're all a better team when he's here, but it's not a necessity. For us, it's a great thing so we can still carry this movement."


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