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Lil Dee Denies Fight With Lil Wayne, Says It’s Just Rumors

Posted By on July 15, 2008

    Last week we reported a rumor that Lil Wayne had gotten into a fight with local artist Lil' Dee [read here], but Lil Dee has now deied all allegations that the event even happened. Dee put out a video today [watch here] where he stated “It’s just a rumor, it’s false,” he said. “I never met Wayne a day in my life. If I was any of these other artists though, I woulda took that rumor and ran with it just to try and get on and get publicity.”

    In a surprizing turn of events, Dee isn't looking to feed off the coverage with the hottest rapper in the world right, rather wanting to be known for his own achievements. “I don’t want no publicity off nobody else, especially if it’s negative,” he continued. “Wayne paving the road for artists like me, coming straight outta New Orleans, you know what I’m saying.” Dee went on to mention he sold over 15,000 copies of his mixtape.

    Watch Lil Dee Deny Fighting With Lil Wayne, Click Here

Lil Dee Denies Fight With Lil Wayne