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Kidd Kidd Responds To Weezy Saying “Bitch”

Posted By on July 20, 2011

     Kidd Kidd, the newly signed G-Unit records artist, recently came forward to speak about Lil Wayne saying "bitch" when referencing him on his new 'Sorry for the Wait' mixtape. Kidd Kidd says that the word "Bitch" is a common slang term in their hometown of New Orleans.

"See, that's the thing. A lot of people out of town don't really get how New Orleans people talk. When New Orleans people talk, they talk emotionally. He wasn't—that's just his way of saying 'D*mn n*gga! You still in the hood. Look what's happening to you. You need to get from out of that', you know what I'm saying?," Kidd Kidd explained. "If you listen to what he's saying, he's like 'Kidd Kidd! Betta watch yourself out there. You know a n*gga got love for ya, b*tch! Don't make a n*gga come in that water for ya.' A lot of people will hear the b*tch and all that and see that as him coming at me." (VIBE)


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