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40 Glocc Says He Called Out Lil Wayne – Who Cares Anymore?

Posted By on July 22, 2008

    I thought that the hip-hop world and it's relationship with gangs had died down, at least since the deaths of Tupac and days of Eazy-E. Isn't rap now about other things? Don't we live in a world of diss tracks and talking about the talent they have, not what gang they are in? After seeing Snoop Dogg (a alleged crip member) do collabs with Mack 10 (known blood member), it seems like the gang relationships are back.

    In a recent video [watch here] known crip member 40 Glocc, runs up on a SUV that he says Lil Wayne is in. Lil Wayne, an alleged Blood member, is never seen or shown to be in the car. 40 Glocc then goes on to talk about the incident. Now is it just me or does this seem pointless now? No matter if Weezy was in the car or not, what exactly does this prove?

   Watch the video for yourself, 40 Glocc “Calls Out” Lil Wayne (he says) On The Streets, Click Here

40 Glocc Calls Out Lil Wayne? Ya Ok