Baby Says Lil Wayne Will Be Biggest Ever

Baby Says Lil Wayne Will Be Biggest Ever

     Cash Money's co-founder Baby, aka Birdman, recently compared Lil Wayne to the late pop-icon Michael Jackson, adding he has huge hopes for the rapper after he gets out of prison.

      "When Wayne comes home he lifts everybody's spirits, he lifts everybody's value, he lifts the brand, he lifts everything. Wayne is gonna be the biggest artist in music, not just in hip-hop; in music. It's some Michael Jackson sh*t right here goin' on right before our eyes…He's a beast; he went back to that raw rappin'. That n*gga still be impressin' me with his music. I say that to say that I be around him a lot so the sh*t he do and say shouldn't be as impressive to me. I'm one of his biggest fans, I be geeked out on him. I watch him work, he's just cold. It's some magical shit to watch the young blood do what he do."

Lil Wayne – Interview (Baby Says He Will Be Biggest Artist Ever)


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