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“Miss Me” Director Talks Shooting Without Wayne

Posted By on August 24, 2010

     Anthony Mandler, the director of Drake's new "Miss Me" (view below) music video which features Lil Wayne, recently spoke about creatin the video without the locked-up Weezy being available. Mandler goes on to explain the theme he tried to put into the visual.

     "It wasn't shot the way I would have shot it," Mandler explained recently. "So I had to come up with a world where I had ultimate control. I think with Drake, we're always looking for overarching themes. We're always looking for bigger themes to hang our hat on. With 'Miss Me,' what was interesting to me was not the idea of 'miss me because Wayne was gong to jail.' Because it was deeper than that. It was the attainability verses the unattainability. And how stars and people who are public figures are expected to sit on a platform and be grabbed and watched and photographed and controlled."

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