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Nicki Minaj Warns Weezy Competition He’s Coming

Posted By on September 1, 2010

      Young Money's Nicki Minaj recently talked about rap fans and how they could anticipate a lot from Lil Wayne when he gets out of jail this fall and why his competition may be laid to rest. According to the new first lady of Young Money, Weezy has not lost his skills rather had tons of time to write.

     "Can you only imagine what he's been holding and what's building up in that brain?" Minaj said in an interview with radio host Greg Street. "I'm afraid for anybody … any of his competition when he gets out, because I just feel like it's going to be monumental. He's in a great state. When I speak to him, he sounds like he has some sort of clear understanding of everything now, almost like he's had some weird sort of epiphany since he's been there, so I'm sure his stuff is only going to get better."


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