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Lil Wayne Stops Writing Down Rhymes

Posted By on September 2, 2009

    In his upcoming "Behind The Music" episode on VH1, Lil Wayne reveals that during a recent recording session he got furious and scrapped his rhyme books and ended up dropping a 35-minute freestyle titled "10,000 Bars." "The only way I won’t be able to rap anything I’ve written again is to record everything I’ve ever written before once," Weezy explained of the situation that led to his now notebook-free style. [Lil Wayne Stops Writing Down Raps – Watch Here]

    In the "10,000 Bars" freestyle, Lil Wayne drops disjointed rhymes in which parts of various working songs become a cathartic release and set the tone for his memorable mixtape run and a series of Carter albums. Make sure you don't miss Lil Wayne's "Behind The Music" episode on VH1 September 10th [Lil Wayne Stops Writing Down Raps – Watch Here]

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