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Lil Wayne Settles 5.6 Million IRS Lien

Posted By on September 9, 2011

     Lil Wayne has reportedly settled his iscrepancy with the IRS over a tax lien for about 5.6 million dollars.

On March 2, the Miami-Dade County Clerk filed a $5.6 million tax lien against rapper Lil Wayne. According to documents obtained by the Detroit News, Wayne owes the back taxes from the years of 2008 and 2009. The second set of tax penalties, in the amount of $2,258,956, was assessed 20 days after the rapper was released from a nine-month stint in prison on weapon possession charges, while the first set was assessed a month earlier while Wayne was still incarcerated. According to the lien, Wayne can refile the taxes anytime before November 24, 2020. (Hiphopdx)


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