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Lil Wayne Talks Brett Farve (Watch Here)

Posted By on September 16, 2010

     Lil Wayne is currently locked up but that isn't stopping him from getting excited over the NFL and more specifically, Brett Farve's return from retirement. Young Money's president, Mack Maine, recently made sure to tell Brett about Lil Wayne.

     "He's loving that," Maine said of Wayne's feelings about Favre's decision to play his 20th year in the league. "That gives [Wayne] more incentive to watch this year, because that's his favorite player. Shout-out to Brett too. Brett reached out, and he made sure I told Wayne that. That was the first thing [Brett] asked when he got back to camp, really. [Vikings tackle] Bryant McKinnie is one of our friends, B-Mac. [Favre] asked B-Mac, 'How you been?' B-Mac answered. And he was like, 'How's Wayne?' That was his second question to B-Mac. Those two are real good friends. He said, 'Let [Wayne] know I been praying for him and send him my love.' So I let Wayne know that. He said, 'You just brightened my spirits up for the rest of the month.' He was real excited."

Lil Wayne – Has Spirits Go High On News Of Farves Return