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DJ Whoo Kid Wants Lil Wayne Vs Jay-Z (Video)

Posted By on September 16, 2011

     G-Unit's own DJ Whoo Kid recently weighed in on the war of lyrics between Lil Wayne and Jay-Z and why a lyrical battle would really help elevate the rap game. Whoo  Kid says a minor war of words would spark hip hip into the right direction.

"Hip-hop needs this little, like, lyrical war," Whoo Kid said when asked for his opinion on Jay-Z and Lil Wayne going at one another. I think, some people think it's stupid but we need stuff like this to get the hype back in hip-hop because Nas and Jay-Z [beefing in 2001] was historical and then it blew both of them back up so I think this would be kind of cool. And then Lil Wayne was a little lyrical in whatever he said so I think Jay-Z should come back and both of them have good albums. So it's not like two wack albums going against each other." (E! Online)

DJ Whoo Kid – Talks Jay-Z vs Lil Wayne