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Birdman Talks Lil Wayne’s I Am Not A Human Being

Posted By on September 24, 2010

     Although using Auto-Tune a lot on his previous albums, Birdman says that Lil Wayne does not use the software on his upcoming "I Am Not A Human Being" project. "When Wayne do what he do, he takes serious pride in his work," Birdman says. "Nothing we do is half-stepping or half-cocked. I think it's a great album. To me, he's switching back: This album has no Vocoder, he's back to raw rap. He's just rapping how he's feeling. He's a genius, so the music is always gonna be great. He wanted to put I Am Not a Human Being out to show people he's always in the building. Every album we put out we're going to do the most; we're gonna go for it. We're never gonna come half-cocked, you expect to see a lot, you gonna get a lot. It's a great album."

     Set for a September 27th digital release, the project is timed to coincide with Weezy's birthday and then re-release on a disc format in October. "He's an addict, he's a monster, he's a beast," Baby said of Wayne's work ethic. "He loves what he does. He probably has thousands of songs, these probably are just the ones he picked [for the album]. This was the plan while he was gone: do a lot of videos and [put these records out] just to keep it poppin' hard. Honestly, if he wasn't gone, it wouldn't feel like he was gone, 'cause we did so much while he was gone," the Cash Money boss added.

Track list for I Am Not a Human Being

"Gonorrhea" (featuring Drake)
"Hold Up" (featuring T-Streets)
"With You" (featuring Drake)
"I Am Not a Human Being"
"I'm Single"
"What's Wrong With Them" (featuring Nicki Minaj)
"Right Above It" (featuring Drake)
"Popular" (featuring Lil Twist)
"That Ain't Me" (featuring Jay Sean)
"Bill Gates"

Birdman – Says Lil Wayne Spitting "Raw Rap" On New Album