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Lil Wayne Says There’s No Ceiling For His Music

Posted By on October 1, 2009

    Lil Wayne is out to prove that being multi-platinum has not slowed down his rhyming skills. "On his birthday, he was saying, 'Everyone else is putting out mixtapes, so I gotta show them that I still got it,' " Mack Maine explained. "And he also said that a lot of beats are coming out that he likes, so, you know, once that happens, he's gotta put out his own versions to the beats he likes. It's not fair. It's not necessary, to me. Like, what are you trying to prove? Let these little dudes have their lane for a few, man. He's about to come and smash people's albums." [Mack Maine Says Lil Wayne Has 6 Songs Done For New Mixtape – Watch Here]

    Although he is currently finishing up his long-awaited rock-based "Rebirth" album (in stores in December), Lil Wayne has about six songs done already for the "No Ceiling" mixtape. Weezy is also overseeing the upcoming Young Money debut album, which is also due out in December. "They the two new babies, two newborns," he said. "The [No Ceiling] mixtape, that's Jordan. The two albums are like rookies. We wanna see how they do their first season." [Lil Wayne Is Six Songs Deep On New Tape – Watch Here]

Lil Wayne – Six Songs Deep On Next Mixtape