Restrictions On Lil Wayne After He’s Released

Restrictions On Lil Wayne After He’s Released

     An antorney for the locked up rapper Lil Wayne recentl let fans know the limitations his client will have once he is released from Rikers Island later this week. James Tilson says that Lil Wayne be required to travel and handle an Arizone drug case.

     Although Wayne will have to come to AZ within 72 hours after being freed, he is expected to meet with him on Friday. Once there, he will sign papers to start his 36-month probation term and have the probation transferred to his residence in Florida. "Now he's on unsupervised probation, which means he doesn't have very many conditions at all," Tilson explained to about the guidelines of Wayne's conviction on one count of possession of a dangerous drug. "The Florida office may have something for him to sign there as well. However, for all intents and purposes, once he leaves Arizona there's nothing else he has to do here." (XXL Mag


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