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Kanye West Calls Lil Wayne A Rock Star

Posted By on November 9, 2009

    Well there is one person who's going to see Lil Wayne's "The Carter" documentary, that's Kanye West. After seeing the trailer for the film, Kanye labeled the Young Money rapper as a true rock star. "FEW WILL EVER LIVE THE LIFE OF A TRUE ROCK STAR," West wrote Sunday (November 8) on his blog. "WAYNE IS ONE OF THE FEW." [Lil Wayne – The Carter – Documentary – Trailer – Watch Here]

    The films producer, QD3 (or Quincy Jones III), the film will sho Wayne's dedication to music around the releease of his last album, "Tha Carter III" back in 2008. "The main thing that the documentary shows — I think a lot of people
would imagine that Wayne is hanging out in clubs with a bunch of women
and drinking champagne and that sort of thing. But I would say the main
thing you learn when you watch the film is that Wayne is a workaholic.
Straight up. After seeing this I think a lot of people will respect his
process a lot more. We were with him like seven or eight months before
he went platinum and then maybe two months after. That's the period we
were shooting him for and I remember one day when he got a text from
[Universal Motown President] Sylvia Rhone that he went platinum, he was
like, 'O.K.' He didn't even flinch. He was 'O.K., cool' and 'get off my
bus, I gotta record' His whole thing is he's like tireless worker and a
lot of people will be very surprised how he's 100 percent dedicated to
his craft…I really gained a lot of respect for him in that regard in
terms of how he approaches his records and then how hard he works. I
worked with Tupac a lot and I feel like he may end up with a bigger
catalogue than Tupac if he hasn't already. That kid works, he's a hard
worker, super focused and doesn't get caught up in the industry like
that. He just stays in the studio all the time."

Lil Wayne – The Carter Documentary (Trailer)