Collaborators Talk Lil Wayne’s Future (Video)

Collaborators Talk Lil Wayne’s Future (Video)

     So what is next for Lil Wayne? "I mean it's hard, 'cause [once] Wayne … hears the beat, he's gonna speak," said Cool of the Miami-based production duo Cool & Dre, when asked what he'd like from Lil Wayne during a studio session. "The beat is what's gonna ask him what to do."

     "I think, the one thing we would do is stand out the way and get out the way," added Cool's partner, Dre. "I'm sure he's got so much inspiration built up right now, what we'd do is give him nothin' but hard-core beats. We got about a good 50 of them waiting for him."

     T-Pain also weighed in adding, "I mean, we got a gang of songs. We was already doing songs when we was on the I Am Music tour, so we got a lot — but we don't just wanna put out anything," insisted T-Pain. "So we gon' make a good 60 songs and make sure we pick the best out of that."

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