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Mannie Fresh Warns Lil Wayne (Video)

Posted By on November 16, 2010

     Former Cash Money producer Mannie Fresh recently had some advice for Lil Wayne, since he was released from prison. Mannie says its very important for Weezy to realize his mistakes and move forward.

"I would say, get on your knees and pray first, before anything," Mannie said when asked what advice he could give Wayne since his release from jail this month. "I don't wish harm on nobody, you was put in there, I guess, to look at it like it's one of God's lessons, to learn that you 'can' be touched. Don't take it for granted, take it as a lesson and build on it as a career. Be a bigger and better man — move on [with] life, and you know, watch your steps, watch what you do." (400 Life)

Mannie Fresh – Warns Lil Wayne "Watch Your Steps"