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Producer Talks Lil Wayne’s 1st Single “6 7”

Posted By on December 16, 2010

     Producer Bangladesh, the man behind Lil Wayne's previous hit single "A Milli," recently spoke about how he worked with Weezy to make the track. The new song is reportedly the first single from Lil Wayne's upcoming "Tha Carter IV" album.

“It’s kind of similar [to how we worked together for 'A Milli']. I had ‘A Milli,’ knowing that the actual track was actually important. I had opportunities to sell it, but until I got it to Wayne at that time, who I wanted to get it to, I couldn’t sell it to anybody else. This time, I knew this beat was great like that, too. And I hadn’t really thought of sending it to him. I sent it to [Atlantic Records executive] Gee Roberson, and he works closely with Wayne and played it for him. That’s how it happened, really.” (MTV)

“The overall wittiness is everything I was saying about ‘A Milli’ when it came to be. He freestyled ‘A Milli,’ and before it was big and before we knew what it was gonna do, we all had our opinions of it. A lot of people loved it, but me being the creator of the art, I didn’t see the vision that he had. I think he attacked it as a mixtape. And that was the genius of what he did and it became the biggest thing. The way he approached this one, was everything that I wanted him to do on ‘A Milli.’ I think he’s really focusing on every, every line. It’s like he’s writing. It’s different. It’s a whole ‘nother level of cleverness to it.” (MTV)

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