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Mack Maine Says New “Rebirth” Coming After Leak

Posted By on December 17, 2009

    Young Money's President, Mack Maine, recently talked about the confusion over Lil Wayne's upcoming "Rebirth" album accidently being released way ahead of time, promissing that a "new" version of the album will be dropped in 2010. Taking to his Twitter account, Mack Maine (Weezy's right hand man), re-tweeted a remark made by Young Money's Karen Civil. "RT @GUDDA1: DEC.21ST DEC.21ST >>> "W R YOUNG MONEY" IN STORES MONDAY!! RT @KarenCivil: Leaked 09 Rebirth isn't going to be 2010 Rebirth.." [Lil Wayne Heads Into Court For Sentencing – Watch Here]

    As we previously reported, despite the release date for Lil Wayne's "Rebirth" album being pushed to February, about 500 Amazon customers who pre-ordered the album got a copy thanks to a shipping mishap. According to multiple reports, the huge online merchant sent copies of the album to some customers who preorded Weezy's "rock" album, but Amazon was ordered to return the copies to Universal as the date was pushed and now a "new" version will be coming soon. [Previously – Lil Wayne Talks About Young Money – Watch Here]

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