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Lil Wayne Becomes Victim Of An Internet Hoax Claiming He Passed Away

Posted By on December 17, 2013

Rapper Lil Wayne has apparently been the victim of an internet hoax after a video announcing his death at the age of 31 this week.

According to reports, the horrible joke claimed Wayne lost his life due to a drug overdose

 Is Lil Wayne dead? A viral video clip being shared around Facebook and Twitter titled, “R.I.P – RAPPER LIL WAYNE FOUND DEAD!” has fans of the artist concerned that perhaps the rapper really has died this time. Fortunately it’s not true. Once again Lil Wayne has become the victim of a worn out death hoax which has struck him on multiple occasions. This go around it’s unclear how the rumor got started, but apparently some are saying it involved a drug overdose from snorting too much cocaine. Many of the fake stories about Lil Wayne dying have been focused around car crashes, so this one, in combination with the fake video is somewhat new. (iDesign Times)