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Bun B Talks About Syrup And Other Drugs & Lil Wayne Admitting He Was Addicted To It

Posted By on March 6, 2008

Lil Wayne recently admitted that he was addicted to syrup (perscription-strength cough syrup, also known as lean), which played a part in Pimp C's death. Bun B was recently was asked what he thought about Lil Wayne's admission and he said "I wish they would just leave the kid alone. When you have 100 people telling you to not do something, that sh*t doesn’t work like that. Now me, I hadn’t sipped syrup for a while before Pimp died. Does that mean I let all my vices go? F*ck no. I’m still drinking and smoking weed. Ike Turner died of cocaine use. People haven’t stopped snorting cocaine. Thousands of people die drunk driving every year and somebody is going to drive home drunk tonight. People stop doing things whenever they sort of feel their way up to it. The kid said he would love to stop, but the withdrawals symptoms are too intense for him. Anybody going through something like that knows that’s what it is. I say this to all media, you can’t force Lil Wayne to stop sipping drank. That’s gonna be a personal choice. For all these people that love to put his sh*t on blast, I would love for them to put their vices on front street. Walk around with your proverbial white cup with you all day and see if you could handle the pressure." You can read the rest of the interview @ rhapsody.com