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Complex’s Uncut Lil Wayne Interview: Kanye Killed Me On “Barry Bonds”

Posted By on November 30, 2007

With Lil Wayne gracing their December/January cover, Complex magazine has released an uncut version of the interview on their website. In it, Wayne addresses everything from the Hot Boys reunion to smoking blunts with Oscar De la Hoya, Tom from MySpace and Bill Gates. When asked about the fact that fans have been suggesting that Kanye’s verse bested Wayne’s on his track “Barry Bonds,” Weezy had this to say:

“I think he did too, meaning his verse was better. Yeah but I’m going to get him. ‘Ye killed me on that song. I was tight because I was like it could be way hotter than this. So when I heard his verse I was like “oh, we doing this again.” I done it twice, they got two different versions. I done one and I ain’t hear his verse and I done the other one after I heard his verse and even when I finished I said why don’t you let him be the man of song. Meaning that it was needed and what I’ve done nobody else can do it.”

Wayne also addresses rumors about him ghostwriting for his collaborators:

Did you ghostwrite Tity Boi’s verse on “Duffle Bag Boy”?
Hell no, everybody be asking that, it’s so great that people think I wrote it because it shows that I am helping the game. I’m making niggas get on their shit. He’s just so much on his shit to where y’all actually thought I wrote it. Like I wrote an album with Juelz Santana and I ain’t going to lie, niggas ain’t going to listen to that shit in New Orleans for some years. I can’t help but be competitive, niggas is spitting and I’m glad because you gotta look at it like when Biggie was doing it. When Biggie and Pac did it, they didn’t have anybody trying to beat them.

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