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Lil Wayne

Diddy Praises Lil Wayne, Calls New Album A “Classic”

Posted By on June 10, 2008

    Lil Wayne's long anticipated album, Tha Carter III, hits stores today and Diddy is stepping up to call it a "classic." In a video blog, Diddy admitted he was surprised at Lil Wayne's talent and the overall quality of the new album. "The Lil' Wayne album-you know a lot of times when you get a lot of hype on cats, they don't really deliver," he said. "I was totally surprised by his selection of beats, his variation of flows and his content. The boy really delivered. He's a genius. The album's genius. It's a classic."

    Diddy went on to call Weezy "the greatest, youngest, rapper alive" before he went on to support other rappers. "There are a lot of cats out there that are giving you a reason to be excited about hip-hop," he affirmed. "Jay [Z] is back doing his thing. That kid Puff Daddy. T.I., thank God he's free at last. [Young] Jeezy, oh my God. Busta Rhymes. That's it-oh, Rick Ross. That's all I'm going to say right now."