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Lil Wayne airs out crew and talks arrest

Posted By on January 30, 2008

A few hours after getting out of jail, Weezy performed in Richmond,
Va. While venting to the crowd, he says makes some interesting, and not
so subtle comments while pointing to his own entourage behind him.

"I just flew in about ten
minutes ago–I just had to deal with a whole lot of bullsh*t,
" Wayne
addressed the crowd. "I want you to know that none of you up in this
building have nothing to do with this attitude I got right now. I'm not
the most happiest man right now.

"Everybody want to talk about
the boy on too much drugs and Baby need to take me to rehab,
" Wayne
told the crowd. "I just want everyone to know one thing. A junkie can't
do what I do! I tried to tell you can't no drug, can't no b*tch, can't
no n*gga, none of that can fade me! I am the ultimate high. I am my
drug. You understand me? I just want the motherf*ckers that's wit me to
know it ain't about what I'm on, it's about what I do! And this is what
the f*ck I do!

“When your friends turn their back on you, they tell you
one thing, say they’re gonna be there for you, and then when things get
to that point, muthaf—ers end up looking like a damn
[not clear].…..I
just want all these muthaf–kers that been with me, that ain’t gon’
never been here again….to know that, I did it for y’all. So when I’m
not doing it for y’all no mo’….Die.”