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Lil’ Wayne Faces Another Million Dollar Lawsuit

Posted By on September 20, 2007

Another Morgan State University student is suing Lil' Wayne after suffering injuries during the pandemonium that ensued when the rapper threw money into the crowd of students at a homecoming concert.

According to the Maryland Daily Record, Carlisa Dixon has filed a lawsuit in Baltimore City Circuit Court against Lil' Wayne (whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter) claiming she was "impaled" by a metal pole as the crowd pushed forward in a panic to grab the falling cash at a concert last fall.

In her lawsuit, Dixon, who was a 20-year-old junior at the time of the incident, says the crowd forced her into the "bicycle type metal barricade" separating the performers from the audience. Dixon's left thigh was punctured by a fence support, requiring surgery at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and resulting in "the embarrassment of scarring and disfigurement," the suit states.

As previously reported, last month fellow Morgan State student Tyrique Layne also filed a $1 million suit against Wayne as well as Universal Records Inc., Cash Money Records Inc. and his touring company, Young Money Touring. In her suit, Layne alleges she was trampled at the homecoming concert and continues to suffer from headaches, memory loss and difficulty concentrating as a result of her injuries.

Dixon is also seeking $1 million from MorganState, claiming the university was negligent in managing Hill Field House concert and reacting to the incident last October.

A spokesman for Morgan State, Clinton R. Coleman declined to comment on the suit, citing school policy. Coleman said the university considered pressing criminal charges against Lil' Wayne but decided not to pursue the matter.

"He has not been banned from the campus, but [the incident] is certainly something that would be taken into account if and when someone else wanted to ask him back," Coleman told the Daily Record.