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LiL Wayne & Juelz Santana Drop Album Together

Posted By on September 11, 2006

Juelz Santana and Lil Wayne are a little upset that songs from their mixtape I Can’t Feel My Face leaked, but Santana said they are still going to put the official mixtape out in less than two weeks (“There’s a couple of songs n-—-as on the streets don’t even have, and those songs weren’t mixed,” Santana said).

And better yet, they have decided to definitely make an album together. “We already got two songs we just did the other day in Virginia,” Santana said of the LP.

Weezy and Elz are on the Up Close and Personal Tour with Chris Brown and Ne-Yo, so Santana doesn’t see any problem with the duo coming together to record. The only question: Who will put the album out?

“I don’t know yet,” Santana said. “It will definitely be a Diplomat/ Cash Money project. We don’t know who the major [label] is going to be yet. That ain’t been talked about yet. I have to talk to [Cam’ron] and I think Weezy has to talk to Baby, and we’ll come to the table together with something.

“As far as rappers, we might feature a couple of people on there, ya dig?” Juelz continued. “As far as producers, we’re trying to [work] with everybody. We’re trying to make an album nobody is gonna forget. The expectations is gonna be high. We don’t know [when it is coming out].”

Santana is working on his next solo mixtape, The Rehab (it’s halfway done), as well as his next solo LP. The game plan on the official album is still the same: He wants to work with a few big-name producers like Eminem.

“I been working already,” Santana said. “I’m always working. I just like to have a bunch of songs to pick from. I don’t want to just have 14 songs. My last album, I had over 100 songs. My solo album, I’ll definitely have a couple of named producers, maybe two or three — dudes that I wanted to work with and see how I sound over their beats like an Eminem. I still wanna [work] with my up-and-coming dudes, ’cause I still feel like them dudes is hungry, man.” …